Causes of Truck Accidents on The Freeways

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Truck drivers have dangerous and difficult jobs. They maneuver through traffic constantly and often create dangers on their own account. They can be particularly dangerous on the open highway, as many of them are on short deadlines for just-in-time delivery or attempting to earn an early delivery bonus. Additionally, many trucks have blind spots for vehicles that are trailing them and can often lose track of a vehicle that is following too closely. These situations can easily be the reason for dangerous lane swapping while in transit, many times at illegal speeds. This is a list of the various problems for over-the-road truckers. Dangerous Tractor Trailer Rigs
Semis are a real danger for other vehicle operators negotiating traffic, especially those in compact cars. It really does not take a major distraction to cause a truck driver to lose focus. The mere size of a big rig makes them the most dangerous vehicle on the road. When this is coupled with other extenuating circumstances the result can be deadly. The highway is full of constant distractions that are occurring at high speeds. Truckers that do not drive defensively or generally operate the vehicle in an inconsiderate manner are jeopardizing the lives of everyone on the highway, including themselves. Deadlines and the Dog Law
The dog law is the Department of Transportation (DOT) limiting of the number of hours per day that a truck driver can operate the commercial vehicle. The limit is set at 11 hours and 59 minutes and the driver's registry log must accurately reflect the time schedule. This danger of over-working the driver is not quite as bad as it once was, as many transportation companies have installed computerized governors on the trucks and can shut the truck down from the dispatcher's office. Regardless of whether you ask one of the lawyers in your area or a truck accident lawyer Atlanta based, they will undoubtedly agree that accidents caused by lack of sleep is a common problem for big rig drivers.

Exploiting Technology and the Log Book
Modern technology allows the dispatcher to maintain the location of all truck drivers in real time. However, many companies do not use the technology for safety's sake, opting to exploit the system for more profit. Truck drivers have routinely kept two log books for many years, so one is for the company and the other doctored book is for the DOT. This is an illegal system, but it has been a trick of the trade for many years. The end result is a lack of sleep, which affects alertness. Cell Phones and Radios
Many contemporary big rigs are essentially a home on wheels for the driver. They can contain laptop computers and fully customized entertainment systems along with sleeping quarters. Many drivers routinely eat while driving, which is also a serious driving hazard. Even smoking cigarettes while driving can be dangerous. The popularity of cell phones has practically eliminated the need for CB radios, though they are still utilized. Of course, texting while driving is never a good practice and illegal in many locations. Regardless, most drivers have at least one cell phone in the truck at all times for contacting the home office or other drivers. Drivers still network while in transit in an effort to dodge radar checkpoints, which can also be a distraction.Drivers that are determined negligent in an accident could be charged for any violation that is provable. Many distractions are not necessarily illegal, but can contribute to fault in a wreck. The real problem with big rigs is they are often involved in tragic and deadly accidents with multiple cars. The inability to stop in a short distance creates another potential hazard for distraction. Accidents involving trucks can be very complicated cases and the transportation and insurance companies will defend most cases strongly to limit the possibility of punitive damages. Additionally, the driver is also subject to civil tort claims in some instances.

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