Electronic Cigarettes: What To Know

As smoking tobacco cigarettes becomes ever more taboo in society, more and more people are looking toward viable alternatives to sate their nicotine cravings. Not only that, but most people today recognize the health risks an addiction to standard cigarettes can pose. Enter electronic cigarettes, or E-cigs. Indeed, these smokeless apparatuses are popping up more and more these days and can be seen being smoked everywhere from nightclubs to the gym. Even actress Katherine Heigl enjoyed a few puffs on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

But the current boom in E-cigarettes can be most felt in the marketplace. The items are simply good business. According to Forbes, electronic cigarettes as an industry generate $250 million to $500 million annually. Add to that the fact that tobacco giant Lorillard bought electronic-cigarette company Blu Ecigs for $135 million and the writing on the wall becomes evident.

But just what are E-cigarettes? And what exactly are their benefits as an alternative to standard tobacco cigs? Here are some relevant facts that aim to shed light on the next great trend in smoking.

The basics
The rise of the E-cigarette as we have come to know it occurred in 2003 when a Chinese pharmacist, eager to develop an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, released one of the first models. It quickly became a hit for those looking to quit smoking, as the E-cigarette mimicked the physical experience of smoking effectively. The apparatus itself resembles an actual cigarette and is comprised of three parts:
  • Cartridge: The smokeless vapor produced by an E-cigarette is the result of a glycerin-based liquid. The cartridge acts as the mouthpiece and holds the glycerin. An atomizer vaporizes the glycerin and sends it through the cartridge to the user.
  • Atomizer: This is the heating element that turns the glycerin into vapor. Like the flint in a lighter, the atomizer must be periodically replaced.
  • Battery: Usually a rechargeable lithium model, this is the component that provides power to the E-cig. However, some electronic cigarettes are powered by USB.
Also, the cartridges for E-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors and colors, which aim to enhance the smoking experience.

A healthy alternative to smoking
E-cigarettes provide a healthy alternative to smoking that is also socially responsible. For example, there is no tar in E-cigarettes, no ashes, no offending odor and none of the 70 known carcinogens found in regular cigarettes. E-cigs don’t even contain smoke. It’s for these reasons that over a million U.S. tobacco smokers have converted to E-cigarettes and why that trend is catching on across the globe as well.

Cost effective
As all smokers know, cigs don’t come cheap. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, can save the traditional smoker hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year by making the switch. A single E-cig cartridge contains the equivalent of around 25 cigarettes, and the average price for cartridges, depending on brand, averages around five dollars. Simple math dictates that E-cigarettes are far better on the pocketbook than are tobacco cigarettes.

These are just a few of the reasons more and more people are eschewing tobacco smoke in favor of vapor. Those who are interested in making the switch will likely want to begin with a starter pack. These are offered by most E-cigarette companies and provide the apparatus as well as a number of cartridges in which to get started.

Lindsay is an anti-smoking advocate and the senior editor for EcigaretteReviewed.com, the largest e cigarette reviews and information website.
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