Think Before You Ink: No Regret Body Art

It only takes a few minutes to decide to get a tattoo, but the results could potentially last a lifetime. Although many people get tattoos and have no regrets about it, there are also plenty of people who make a decision about inking their skin without fully thinking it through. Tattoo removal is painful and very expensive, so the best way to avoid being stuck with a tattoo that you don't like is to be very careful about getting one in the first place. Reasons Not to Get Tattooed

There is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo if you spend some time thinking about it and decide that it's really right for you. However, before you do, you should consider the reasons why a tattoo might not be a good idea. Aside from the permanence and the possibility that you may have regrets, you should also ask yourself if having a tattoo could hold you back professionally.
Tattoos have become much more commonplace in our society in recent decades, but there are still employers that may have a problem with them. The same goes for friends, family and religious groups. You shouldn't necessarily let any of this hold you back if a tattoo is something you really want. It is just something to consider. Try Out a Temporary Version

If you think through all of the ramifications and still decide that you would like a tattoo, consider wearing a temporary version for a short time. Going through this testing period will help you get used to the look and feel of having a tattoo on your body and allow you to test out different locations. You can also try out different designs that closely resemble the real tattoo you would like to get.
Custom Temporary Tattoos are Hot
Some people try out temporary tattoos and decide to keep using them rather than going for a permanent version. Temporary tattoos have come a long way over time, going from simple stick-on designs found in cereal boxes and snack treats to intricate, artistic pieces that are thought of as legitimate fashion accessories. Temporary tattoos are popular with celebrities, who often need to change up their look to gain various film and television roles.
By going with a temporary version of the tattoo you want, you give yourself the ability to reinvent your look and match your body art to any chosen outfit. You also will never have to suffer the pain and discomfort of getting a real tattoo. Many people thrive off of change, and although you may not think so now, there is a good possibility that the person you are today will be very different in the future. You may never change to the point where you dislike your tattoos, but giving yourself the option to be completely new is always a good idea. Temporary tattoos allow you to explore your look and express who you are in a way that you will never have to regret.
Researcher Shelby Warden likes the freedom of choosing temporary tattoos that match her weekend styles. 
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