Video Revolution: Fewer Words - More Content

Just about every business owner in America understands the necessity of online marketing if they want their company to be successful. In addition, more and more of these people are starting to realize that online video should play a huge part in their Internet marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many individuals don't know how to maximize the effect of their videos. In a world where instant gratification has become the norm, here are some examples of how you can use fewer words but have more content.

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Video's Superiority Over Words
To fully understand why it's so important to get more across by using fewer words in online video marketing, it's first important to understand video's superiority over words in general. Anyone with any marketing experience knows that videos can be more useful than articles, blogs or any other written materials. What most people don't recognize is just how effective videos can be when compared to words. Using a brilliant strategy, 522 - DC Video Production Company uses video to show you how they can achieve success using this medium.

Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a research company that measures the impact of technology, stated that a simple one minute marketing video posted online returns the same results as 1.8 million written words. This statistic is astounding considering the cost of each of these advertising methods. It's important, however, for videos to effectively get their point across.
Speaking Less, Saying More

There's no guarantee that speaking on a marketing video will have any effect on those watching it. This is especially true if the words spoken aren't well thought out. One way of getting a message across in as few words as possible is by tapping into preexisting schemas in people's minds. For instance, people pitching the Keanu Reeves movie "Speed" described it as "Die Hard on a Bus." People who had seen the Die Hard movie were immediately able to envision what Speed would be about. It's not necessary for schemas to be pop culture or entertainment references, as long as they already exist in people's minds; i.e Wikipedia is an "online encyclopedia."

In addition, it's also important for business owners to try to use words that trigger the specific emotions that they're going for. For instance, it's usually better to say "Get our Updates via RSS" than "Subscribe to our RSS feed." This is because subscriptions convey the idea of periodic payments for services. The word "get" implies that something is going to be free. Wording is excessively important when striving to say the most with the fewest words.

Using Imagery to Evoke Emotion
Imagery is also very important in online video marketing. Sure, videos have several benefits over written word, but it's important to point out that imagery within the videos can also be worth more than spoken word. Visual images have the ability to evoke emotional responses much quicker than spoken words. For example, which do you think would have a greater impact, a video that explains a wife reuniting with her returning veteran husband, or one showing the event?

Marketing videos give companies the ability to project a product image. It's much more effective to show employees or customers enjoying themselves or getting value from a product than simply explaining it to the viewing audience. It's important to understand these emotional cues; only then can a business owner use them to make their online video marketing campaign successful.
Online video marketing has become a necessity in the modern world. Statistics show that more and more businesses are turning to video in an effort to attract more business to their company. The sheer number of people who view video online make this a sound strategy, as long as it's implemented properly. It's the business owners who realize that good marketing doesn't require excessive words, who end up the most successful in the business world.

Chris Robinson is a writer who has used video as a marketing tool for his own business ventures. Washington based 522 - DC Video Production Company will work with you step-by-step from creative and script development, production coordination, and location scouting all the way to budgeting. Whether it's a marketing video or a public service announcement, 522 will provide the services you'll need to achieve your objective.
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