The Best Holiday Gadgets (if you’re Bill Gates)

It’s not enough to take a disposable camera and blow-up dinghy on holiday anymore, especially if your pay-check has more numbers than your phone-number. Once you’ve finished splashing out on your private jet/empty hotel/infinity pool/own desert-island, then hit the shops with this list. While we can sit here and get crazy jealous, what’s the point in having a ridiculous amount of money if you can’t buy really ridiculous things?
  1. Poison dart frog watch
MB&F’s HM3 Poison Dart Frog watch sadly is completely harmless, so it’s no use relying on this piece of wrist-wear to keep you safe on holiday. The watch is thin, lightweight and suited to trekking through the jungle, though is one of a set of ten, so make sure you have another £100,000 spare to replace it in case you lose it. The Poison Dart Frog is made from 18 and 22 carat yellow gold and 22 carat red gold, lending it’s black and yellow colour scheme to inspiration from, surprisingly, one of Venezuela’s Poison Dart Frogs.
  1. Great white shark boat
If you’re the top dog at work, you need to make sure this status is consistent wherever you go – so what better than to travel around the oceans in a great white shark capsule. The Seabreacher X can reach top speeds of 50mph on the surface of the water, and 25mph below. It comes with a mounted video camera, GPS navigation and a surround sound stereo system with iPod docking. It’s got a 260hp engine, and can launch itself out of the water, mimicking sharks and dolphins. Swimming, snorkelling and surfing is so last year.
  1. BBQ boat
Having to leave the water to have your dinner is definitely a problem for the middle classes – but not for the likes of you. Invest in a BBQ boat and grill your steaks while you motor around the lake. The floating table can seat 10 adults, and has special compartments to store food and drink: there’s no need for you to return to shore, ever (or until the 10 hour battery runs out anyway).
  1. Unmanned skier controlled tow boat
Being inhumanly rich can have its drawbacks – like when you can’t be certain over who’s a real friend, and who’s just there for the money. This inconvenience is slowly becoming extinct as robots replace everything you need people for. Want to water-ski, but have no friends to pull you along in a boat? Well then this unmanned tow boat is perfect for you. Don’t let your lack of friends stop you having fun on holiday!
  1. Garia LSV golf cart
Fed up of rolling round the golf-course in the same standard carts as everyone else? Wish you could take your Porsche on the green with you? Well, cheer up, as Garia have made a golf-buggy just for you. Made in the same factory as the Porsche Boxter, Formula-1 inspired suspension, a Ducati gearbox and the same aluminium supplier as Jaguar and Aston Martin, finally you can play golf without feeling like a peasant.
  1. Moon Dust Watch
When you’ve finished trekking through the jungles of your chosen holiday destination, it’s time to swap watches. The Moon Dust Watch is the only timepiece to be seen wearing out and about. How many of your peers can brag about having a watch made from moon dust? Potentially zero I would guess. 

  1. Personal Submarine
Forget about the hassle of learning to dive and having to get your hair wet, and get yourself a personal submarine. It can seat two people, and dive to depths of 1000 feet, meaning you’re free to explore reefs, shipwrecks and the sea floor, and experience creatures like the lantern-fish in the flesh.
  1. T-Rex iPad
It’s an iPad made from T-Rex bone – your 7-year-old self will be so proud. Selling at around £7 million, it’s not a cheap choice, but it’s definitely the coolest. And who knows, if the Jurassic Park technology ever gets finalised, you’ve got your own bone sample: hello pet dinosaur. As well as being infused with dinosaur bone, it’s also made from gold, and decorated with 13 diamonds.

  1. Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife
Depending on the kind of holidays you go on, a Swiss Army knife usually is an important gadget to have around. However, a Swiss Army knife with 1TB of storage AND a nail file is definitely worth taking wherever you go. 

  1. Luvaglio laptop
Worried about having your laptop stolen while you’re away? The Luvaglio is the ultimate anti-theft device: its power button (chiselled from a rare diamond, obviously) operates as the anti-theft software. It needs to be removed and worn as a ring by its user, meaning it can only be operated by you. However, even if you do have a bank account big enough to afford this luxury laptop, you need to be invited to buy it in the first place. 

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