Being a More Effective Band Manager

Some people motivate, some inspire, and some fail miserably to engage their team members in one strand to share a common purpose. The entertainment world seems to have formed a crucial formula for the "bad manager" image, so why can't the general public be aware of how to be an effective manager?
To become an effective manager of a band and to keep your band going on successfully and smoothly, a band leader needs to focus on some traits like leadership ability, communication among the team members, personal & professional relationships, quick decision making ability, adaptability as per the situation and personal development.
You will get a better picture to become an effective band manager by following the points mentioned below:
  1. Identify your limits: Great managers know well what their restrictions and limits are. They are aware about the purpose and goals of their team and are also aware about their team members and their expertise. An efficient band manager is the one who respects each and every member of the band without losing their credibility by not trying to speak about everything. In other words, a good manager must always try to convey a good judgment by giving priority to the one who know better about the subject matter even though his designation is not higher or equal to you.
  2. Listen first before you speak: Good managers must be the one who can be considered as a master communicator, who can listen better than they speak. they must be capable in gathering information from the audience or their fans or their band members. Only a good listener can make out that where the performance went wrong and can easily make a review out of the audience’s opinion.
  3. Ask ‘Why?’ in place of ‘What?’ Why do you want to change the theme of the performance over that one which we already decided? This would be a more precise question to let the band member put his views in front of the whole team. May be he/ she has noticed something which you and others have skipped. May be his idea to change the performance theme prove to be successful for your band. The question ‘what’ will tell you only one fact, but the question ‘why’ will also tell you the reason behind it.
  4. Be decisive at any time: One of the most important traits of a band manager is his decision making ability. The degree of promptness and correctness of the decision taken defines the efficiency of the band manager. You can never have all the required information available at your door step, therefore, there are some circumstances where you have to take chances and decide upon moving further with a small piece of information only. A good and effective manager will not wait for the full information to be gathered rather, he/ she will continue with the plan.
Another situation comes where it is hard to take decision between the conflicts of two team members, therefore, in such a situation, a manager needs to be diplomatic and neutral so as to play a fair game and portray an impartial image among others.
  1. Be responsive in every genuine situation: Ignoring other people is not a very good exercise for the progress of any band. The person you have been ignoring can be your creditor or anyone you do not like or discuss anything with. Someone who is trying to seek for your attention surely means that there is some important concern. So never ignore them and respond them to clear off the matter. Another situation is when your team members are trying to communicate something to you, you might not find it important and ignore it but this ignorance might hurt an individual and can also affect your band adversely.
Reply with something that makes the other individual feel attended to, and essential to you.
  1. Communicate regularly: This can be said as the proactive side of being responsive to ohers. You need to communicate about every minute changes taking place to your team based on your decisions. Keep your band members updated about your new plans and new trends and keep discussing with them. This will keep their minds open and alert and will signify your concern for the band and its people. Be precise and to the point in whatever you are communicating by keeping it short and brief.
  2. Manage zeal and enthusiasm in your team: For establishing a successful band, every manager needs to maintain zeal and passion among the team members towards their work. The stage of learning never ends neither there is any age to learn, for accomplishment of your aim and achieve success, one needs to be flexible to the changing environment, the only thing required is guidance and here the guiding source is none other than the band leader.
Effective management comprises of many key components, which are not easily achievable. A band leader needs to figure out the individuality associated with successful supervision, and then appreciates the team members for their good work based on those traits. So, a manager needs to be very alert and active in all the circumstances to keep the good work going on.
Last but not the least, I would say that, an effective manager is conscious and aware of their individual personal advancement. In pursuance to productively expand and guide the team, managers must try to find enhancement and perfection in their own selves.

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