Easy Way for Maintaining the Fridge Clean and Well Organised

None of us likes big cleaning. Some prefer to pretend they do not see the dirt or would rather do some really light maintenance, in order to avoid the job that will take the whole day. The second situation is preferred, because thus you will put less effort and achieve good results for short time. The only disadvantage of the light maintenance is that it has to be done more often. However when you do it two or three times you will have the routine and you will be able to spend less time for every next cleaning.

          What is important for the light maintenance and cleaning is that it never needs special detergents and materials. You will do just well only with warm water, several cloths and soap, whatever kind you have in your house. Of course the strongest one should be avoided, because it may harm the upper layer of the fridge.

          If you are wondering do you have to empty the refrigerator for the light cleaning, you may stay calm, because you do not. The day of the week, before you do the big shopping is the best time to plan the maintenance. The fridge will be almost empty and in case you have to take something out it will not be that much.
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          If you are wondering from where to start the advice is to take the warm water you have prepared and dip one of the cloths you have picked for the cleaning. In case you have decided to use soap as well, you can mix small quantity with the water at this stage of the cleaning. The light detergent is recommended for the more stubborn stains and spills inside the refrigerator. Scrub this places good and be sure that you have removed even the smallest residue of the soap and detergent you have used. It is not good idea to leave stains of soap or detergent with the food.

          As it was mentioned before you may not take everything out of the fridge, but you should remove aside every small thing that is left inside and clean the place underneath it.

          While you are moving up and down the food that is left inside the fridge, be sure that you have checked every piece of food. Get rid of everything that has expired its date for use. Thus you will be sure to have ingredients and food that is only good for use. Mark the things that are close to their expiration date and use them in the next few days. Otherwise they will stay spoiled in the fridge till the next cleaning.

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EasyWay for Maintaining the Fridge Clean and Well Organised
          Never forget to carefully scrub the rubber that is on the doors. This is the place where usually the mildew and other unpleasant things are developing. This is a problem that can be solved only with often and regular cleaning.

          You can be very careful for things that leave the most stains. The jelly container, milk jugs and bottles with any kind of syrup are some of the things that leave the most stains and spills. It is good idea to pay special attention to them. It is even more unpleasant when the sticky residues the jellies left start to collect more dirt. The simple water will remove the stains.

          Add a little baking soda to the water you will use for the cleaning. It may do miracles for your refrigerator.

          One last tip is to clean the spills right after they happen. If you do that you will save yourself many efforts and headaches in the future.
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