Why Choosing Red when Buying Flowers

Did you know that a lot of people call the image of a red flower, red rose to be more precise, when asked to think of a flower? This is indeed so and it is no wonder since red is an intrinsic color to so many cultures. It is emblematic for a lot of things and arouses many an emotion. The following lines will try to focus on the meaning of the color of red and why it is so significant when it comes to flowers. This may help you understand the nature of the red flower and thus make your taste a bit subtler and much more professional when you choose arrange a bouquet.

Choosing Red when Buying Flowers

Red is a very controversial color. It is associated with good but also with evil. It is war and love at the same time. In other words it has been part of people’s lives since forever. It is a main character in many novels such as Stephen King’s famous Red Rose. The cause of the renowned War of the Roses was again a red flower. It is this last case that you can see the meaning of red- it can signifies great love but it can stand for the devil too. One is for sure, red is all around us and in us too as red is also an emotion. Thus a red flower is always a classic choice.

Red is significant for a whole range of emotions, from mad passion to anger, even rage. Thus the red rose is considered a symbol of love and most warm feelings; along with that a woman dressed in red is a strong and confident woman. On the other side, red is the color that transforms a bull from an animal into a beast by driving it mad; red stands for blood and war, for battles and fights. Red is probably the most commercialized color of them all. This color is a signal for danger- look at the red of the traffic lights, for example. However, red can mean that something important is happening- it is no coincidence that red carpets are used to welcome important people.

Red is present in nature too. Its significance there is no less than in civilization. There are many fruits in red- strawberries, cherries, watermelon is red from the inside; tomatoes and some peppers are red too. In the realm of flowers we have roses, carnations, tulips, gerberas, and many more that are red. As you can see there is a variety of red in nature. It definitely grabs one’s attention since it has passed from nature into our lives and cultures and still has a strong influence today. In South Africa, for example, red stands for mourning and is associated with funerals while in China it is representative for good luck and happiness. 

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Culture has many levels but red is present in all of them. Thus in the culture of politics red is associated with the regimes of communism and socialism. In another culture, that of feng shui, red is desire because this is said to be the color of Fire. So, red means strong passion, warmth, and sexual desire and is related to love. According to that every house should have a red element in it. As for holidays it is no wonder that Christmas is all about red. Red is the blood of Christ, red is love and warmth, red is happiness, red is Christmas. So, choosing a red flower can have many meanings and you should be careful about them but you will definitely make an impression if you go for red.
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