Ways to Make a Buck on Valentine’s

Relatively fresh from the very expensive Holiday season comes Valentine’s Day, yet another ancient feast day commemorating certain holy Christian people, with suspiciously pagan undertones and precedences. In modernity, it is utilized as a day for lovers (and supposedly married people) to rekindle their romantic fantasies about each other. For the untethered, it serves as a chance to show their devotion to get into their... lives.

This is a day of rose bouquets, chocolates and candies, romantic dinners, and jam-packed love motels. Like Christmas and Easter, it has been thoroughly commercialized so as to be more lucrative for those doing the peddling.

Speaking of which, how can the small and enterprising business person such as yourself make a little money on this day of hearts? Here are a few tips:

Card and Note Writer/Songwriter/Director
Not many have the talent nor time to compose sappy poems and prose to melt the heart of its recipient. For those with the ability to weave words, they can offer their services to those in need of some tenderly worded notes. With the advent of technology, this could transcend over to full musical compositions, videos, and even entire productions (like say, flashmobs).

You can bundle up the aforementioned writing gig with a personal method of delivery if you have the confidence to declaim (or even sing) for the target of the message. Some people are awfully bashful and unable to express themselves; your advantage is that you are not encumbered by such emotions since you are a non-intervening third party (keep it that way or your business will be in jeopardy).

Making Chocolate Hearts and other Valentines Edibles
Love has always been characterised as sweet (or bitter, depending on who you ask). This is why chocolates and other such sugary treats have become part and parcel of the gift giving during Valentines. Those with a knack for pastries and other confectionaries can leverage their skills on this occasion by handcrafting sweet creations that people can purchase for their beloved.

Bouquet Arranging and Delivery
Flowers are also another hallmark of the day of hearts. Roses, in particular, are sold in huge quantities all over the world because of Valentine’s Day. Though there are so many of them sold in the streets and flower shops all over, the more rare and beautiful blooms are not the easiest (or cheapest) to come by. The lucky ones with the artistic skills of flower arranging and a good eye for choosing the best flowers can use their talents to make some extra cash, composing elaborate bouquets for their clients, delivering them in a personal fashion if so requested.

Event Organizer/Date Planner
Some people are ever so busy, even during this romantic holiday. They are so busy that they cannot allocate enough time to plan, make reservations, order and purchase all of the items mentioned above to make their special Valentine’s date with their special someone. Before you cast a judgemental gaze on one such as this, remember that even married and working couples celebrate this holiday. Those with the time and the knowledge of the best spots for dining, dating, and all things in between can offer their services to the busy lovebirds, assuring that they have a memorable night, regardless of their busy schedules.

Do you know how to drive an automobile well? Even an everyday skill such as this can earn you some extra cash. You may not end up driving limos, but some couples find it that driving can be stressful and tiring, so taking that menial chore off their shoulders can enable them to concentrate on their quality time with their partners.

All these and many more can be a lucrative source of income during Valentine’s Day. Do take note that you may end up sacrificing your own time with your loved one for this (if that’s applicable). If you do have a significant other, I just hope he/she will understand and be willing to reschedule your time together on the 15th, instead.

If you find yourself rather good at doing one or more of these things, you could even consider formalizing it and creating a small business around it, for Valentine’s and other holidays are cyclical, and if you gain a reputation of providing good products and services fit for the occasion, your clients will keep coming back and endorse you to their circles. You might have just found your dream enterprise!

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Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is going out on a group Valentines date with her gal pals at Word Baristas.
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