The Growing Problem Of Staged Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a scary situation for absolutely anyone. Estimates from the car insurance industry suggest that the average American will have to file an accident claim once every 17.9 years. Unfortunately, dishonest and immoral drivers increase the already high likelihood of someone being involved in a collision by staging car accidents. Sadly, this is becoming more of a problem than most people even realize. 

What is a Staged Accident

Staged accidents occur when individuals, often involved in insurance fraud rings, purposefully cause motor vehicle collisions in an effort to collect insurance money. There are numerous ways that these dangerous criminals can cause these accidents. 

  • Slamming on brakes after cutting in front of another vehicle. Waving the victim on and then hitting them but denying ever waving the victim by.
  • Deliberate ramming of cars that drift into outer lanes of dual turn intersections. 
Perpetrators of these accidents will often have other occupants in their vehicle who will all pretend to be suffering from bodily injuries; this is true even if the accident was relatively minor. Even for those who have already heard of these types of scams, it’s likely that they don’t realize how prevalent they’re becoming.The Growing Problem of Staged Accidents

Staged accidents are especially rampant in Florida, California, Texas, New York and Illinois, but the problem exists absolutely everywhere. Between 2007 and 2009, there were 7,000 staged accidents in the aforementioned states alone. A report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, however, shows just how bad the problem really is.

Statistics were collected on accident claims between the years of 2007 and 2009. The number of personal injury, bodily injury and questionable claims was recorded for each of these years. Sadly, the Bureau found that questionable claims increased by an astounding 46 percent. This happened concurrently with a decrease in overall personal and bodily injury claims. Obviously, the problem of staged accidents is growing.
The Implications of Staged Accidents on Victims

In actuality, every honest driver in America is a victim of the criminals who stage automobile accidents. These accidents cost insurance companies money, and the more that these accidents occur, the more money insurers lose. Unfortunately, since insurers are in the business of making money, they have to raise the costs of policies across the board as they continue losing money due to staged accidents.

Unfortunately, the costs thrust upon the actual victims of staged accidents are even more severe. These victims don’t have the luxury of waiting for thousands of fraudulent claims to eventually raise their rates; their rates usually automatically go up once their driving record is blemished due to a staged accident. Sadly, these victims also have to deal with getting their own car repaired, the costs of filin
g lawsuits with the aid of a Houston car wreck lawyer or accident attorney in their state, and dealing with police, but this is by far not the only detrimental possibility. 
The Ultimate Price of Staged Accidents

Sadly, all staged accidents aren’t recognized as such, so the damages related to them are probably excessively understated. In 1997, however, a family paid the ultimate price. Two drivers in Los Angeles were coordinating their driving in an effort to cause a car accident. They were successful, but they didn’t even stick around to try to fraudulently collect compensation.

The reason behind their hasty retreat is that a fiery multi-car crash occurred. In the crash, a 26 year old male and his 24 year old wife were killed. Sadly, their 2 year old daughter also succumbed to injuries during the wreck. Higher insurance premiums mean nothing when compared to the lives of innocent individuals who just happened to cross the wrong criminal’s path.
Staged accidents are becoming a huge financial problem for car insurance companies and their policyholders. Unfortunately for the victims of these scams, monetary loss isn’t always the worst outcome of the situation. Anyone who suspects that they were involved in a staged accident needs to report the incident to police and find a good lawyer to help reveal these con artists. The people who initiate these ploys are criminals who put the lives of every innocent driver in America in danger every single day.
Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance legal writer who posts on topics relating to accidents, personal injury and other consumer issues.  With staged accidents being common within the state of Texas, many victims will find themselves in need of a Houston car wreck lawyer to aid them in claiming damages.  Finding a reputable lawyer is the first step towards ensuring your rights remain protected following a car accident.
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