Gadgets for the Reasonably Lazy

Technology is supposed to extend humanity’s capabilities in order to make things easier to do, more efficient, and less resource-intensive overall. Our modern-day gadgets are all about making things more convenient, and there is no sin in that. They’re supposed to do that, to get you to do more with less effort.

The argument against these convenience gadgets is that they make you lazy. Well, I can’t really deny that all these conveniences do allow you more time to lounge about and participate in diversions (games, television, browsing, etc.), but laziness wasn’t invented this year. I’m certain that even in more ancient times, when you had to get water from the river which is a good moment’s walk away from your hovel, there were still lazy people who would put off the task.

Let’s go back to modern living and talk about being reasonably lazy. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it for as long as you get the chore done. Sure. you’re not breaking your back or stressing out over it, but you are still doing it. I’ve gathered up some smart gadgets and software applications that are harmonious with this idea of being reasonably lazy, that of expending the least amount of effort to accomplishing the task. Here we go...

It’s a pretty straightforward application that allows you to remotely turn wall socket-powered devices on and off. You can even set rules based on what the included motion sensor picks up in the given room. It’s on your smartphone too, so no need for an extra remote control gadget!

This right here is something you’ve always wanted in the house when you’ve forgotten to turn off the television or light in another room without actually going there to physically turn it off. It can even save you some power and wear and tear of appliances as you can effortlessly turn them off when not in use.

Self-Stirring Mug (various brands)

Pair this up with an instant, just-add-water beverage (coffee, tea, chocolate milk, etc.), and you have a winner. At least you won’t need to find yourself a spoon, or wash one right after using it. To clean this mug, all you need to do is to pour soapy water into it and turn it on. Convenient, eh?

Sweeping and vacuuming can be quite the chore, especially if your family has some hairy/furry members that shed a lot. This robotic vacuum can be even be scheduled while you’re away, so you won’t end up tripping over it or be forced to endure the loud vacuum noise.

It’s a tad on the pricey side, but the hours saved makes it worth the investment.


What do you call a gadget that controls your TV, DVR, and various components of your home theatre system... and it’s also a bottle opener? All you need for a day of couch potatohood, that’s what. There’s nothing much else to say. Some devices are simply perfect.

A Robot Pet

Real pets require a lot of maintenance, and you, being the sensible and energy-saving (your own bodily energy) person that you are, cannot be bothered with having to walk the dog, empty the litter box, give them baths, etc. Robot pets are just as playful, and they’re even more obedient. All they need is a bit of charging, and I won’t put it past our egghead robotics developers to be able to program a pet that plugs itself to charge!

Stay reasonably lazy, everyone!

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Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and keeps a blog with her friends, Word Baristas.
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