From Awareness To Reckless – An A-Z Of Vehicle Accident Causes

There are many causes to vehicle accidents, but thankfully, the vast majority can be avoided by using just a little bit of common sense. Before you get behind the wheel again, consider this list of the most common causes of vehicle accidents in alphabetical order:
Awareness and Attention
Staying alert while on the road is crucial. When you're driving, you need to not only be paying attention to what you're doing, but also to what the drivers around you are doing. This also means practicing defensive driving techniques, including using safe following distances and avoiding excessive speeds. Many personal injury attorney's, wh
ether it is an attorney in New York City or a firm in the wilds of Colorado, point to a lack of awareness as one of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents.  The ability to read the road and anticipate situations before they occur is critical to avoid accidents of any kind.
Hard and improper braking is another common cause of accidents. When you apply your brakes, you should always do so in a smooth, measured manner unless you are braking for an emergency situation. You should also have your brakes checked by a qualified mechanic on a routine basis to ensure that they are working properly.
Distractions while driving, such as talking on your phone, texting or eating, can also cause accidents. Your only focus while driving needs to be on the task at hand, so avoid engaging in distracting behaviors while behind the wheel.
Studies have shown that inexperienced drivers are more prone to cause accidents. Because inexperienced drivers are not yet adept at handling various road conditions and surprise moves by other drivers, they are also found to engage in risky behaviors, such as speeding.
While most people only consider alcohol to be a factor when they think of intoxicated driving, the fact is that any kind of intoxicating substance can cause a driver to get into an accident. If you've been drinking, using any kind of prescription drugs or ingesting any other intoxicating substance, don't drive until you've sobered up.
Reckless driving can be thought of as any kind of driving that is carried out without concern for others. Reckless driving may include speeding, making illegal maneuvers on the road or engaging in road rage. Penalties for reckless driving can be very stiff, so always obey traffic laws in order to avoid a reckless driving charge.
It's a known fact that people who speed cause accidents. Increased speeds make it more difficult to steer a vehicle, and braking times are greatly increased at higher speeds. Additionally, speeding drivers may not have the proper reaction time to notice things around them, including hazards in the roadway.
Driving while sleepy is one of the most under-reported causes for accidents, yet it is one of the most common. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know whether you're too sleep yo to drive until you're actually out on the road. Keep in mind that, drivers who have not had proper sleep are akin to intoxicated drivers, so if you haven't gotten a good night's sleep, don't drive.
If you've been injured in a vehicle accident that involved one of the above-mentioned causes or any other, you need to know that you may be due compensation. To find out, most people suggest contacting a personal injury lawyer for assistance. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the cause and circumstances surrounding your accident, and if necessary, he or she can also represent you in court to seek the compensation you deserve. 

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