Much Harsher Penalties for Repeat Offenders of PA DUI Charges

Any type of arrest is going to lead to serious problems and hassles for an individual, but many people don’t consider these types of troubles if they decide to drive after drinking alcohol. Fortunately, one driving under the influence (DUI) arrest is usually enough to set even the most wayward souls on the right path. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of driving while intoxicated a second time. Some even make the mistake more than twice. For Pennsylvania residents who do this, their state doesn’t take repeat offenders lightly. 
Penalties For a 1st DUI Conviction in Pennsylvania
As can be expected, the penalties for a person’s first DUI offense in Pennsylvania are the most lenient. In fact, these penalties line up with many other states’ punishments if a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is .159 percent or less at the time of their arrest. In this case, they are not required to serve any jail time and will keep their license in most instances. The fines related to this first conviction usually don’t go above three hundred dollars. For those with higher BAC levels, these penalties can increase.  Even with a first conviction there are several repercussions, therefore, it is advised to seek out the best DWI lawyer in PA. 
Penalties For a 2nd DUI Conviction in Pennsylvania
The penalties in relation to a second DUI conviction are exceptionally greater than those imposed after the first conviction. A fine can top out at $2,500 and the judge can sentence a person to jail for anywhere from five days up to six months.
A person with a second DUI conviction will also face a twelve month license suspension. Unfortunately for many, these penalties only relate to those who blow .159 or lower on a breathalyzer.
A person whose BAC is over .159 is considered to be in the second tier of inebriation under Pennsylvania law. A person convicted of a tier two DUI for a second time will face at least one month in jail and could be there for up to a year. Their related fines can also top out at five thousand dollars along with costs incurred by having to use an ignition interlock device for a full year. A person in the third level of inebriation (over .16 BAC) can actually face up to five years in prison on their second offense. 
Penalties For a 3rd DUI in Pennsylvania
A third DUI conviction in Pennsylvania will land a person in more trouble than some murderers get into these days.  A person with a BAC between .10 and .159 will face up to five years in prison on a third offense. A conviction of this sort can also bring on a ten thousand dollar fine. Many states don’t have penalties like this when it comes to DUIs at all, so Pennsylvania is obviously hard on those who commit the crime.
What Should You Do If charged with DUI in Pennsylvania?
The first thing to do is to not refuse a breathalyzer test. Pennsylvania is an implied consent state, and this means that by simply accepting a state issued license, a person has agreed to submit to a BAC test if suspected of drunk driving. Refusing this test is considered proof of guilt and will usually bring on much harsher consequences than a person would’ve otherwise gotten.
It’s also absolutely essential to hire a lawyer. Pennsylvania’s DUI laws are amongst the strictest in the country. Even a single DUI conviction can lead to six months in jail and a five thousand dollar fine. This may seem excessive, but it is the way that the state tries to prevent drunk driving. 
Due to these harsh penalties, a person needs an individual who can ensure them the best possible outcome. An experienced attorney can sometimes have DUI charges dropped altogether, and when they can’t, they can make sure that their clients get the best case scenario for their situation. 
Pennsylvania is undoubtedly one of the strictest states when it comes to DUI enforcement. Penalties for a DUI are sometimes far more harsh than those related to some violent crimes. This makes it necessary for anyone charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, even on their first offense, to get legal help to avoid sometimes detrimental repercussions. 
Kelly Kovacic is a researcher who stays on top of the latest DUI laws and contributes articles for the legal community. If you are arrested as a DUI repeat offender in Pennsylvania you should search out the best DWI lawyer in PA. The Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis have years of experience to challenge and disprove the evidence of the accused, which can make a critical difference in the quality of life for repeat offenders.  
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