Easy Tips on Creating a Website

Don’t just be a website visitor all through life. And don’t just own one. Build them and make it a lucrative business! Having a website live on the Internet is like having real estate property. Start it right now by being a website builder creating your own sites. Later, start selling them, too. Here is how to build a site online.

Website for What?
Before starting anything, decide what the website is for. Is it for business or personal use? Is it for public viewing or exclusively for family and friends? Is it for a school or an organization or merely for memoirs? There are various types of websites for specific uses. The site design is dictated by its purpose. This is basic knowledge when being a website builder.
Talking of design, websites are easily identified by how they look. It’s like uniforms people wear in school or in the office. School children wear a different type of uniform from teens and college students. In the same way, plumbers wear a different type of attire from office workers and doctors wear different clothes from engineers.

Will it be a website or a simple blog? Websites are for a more formal, rigid look while blogs are more flexible. If it’s for a company then websites are apt. If it’s for a hobby or small business then blogs are appropriate. These things are vital when being a website builder.

Will it be for entertainment or for information? Entertainment sites are more graphical in presentation and include more widgets and apps. They often make full use of the sidebar. Informative sites are more formal and simpler in appearance, often just having a few items on the sidebar. Deciding what site contents should go into a design and coming up with a subtle mix of site elements are often vital on how to build a site online.

Domain Registration
Now comes site registration. Register the domain name. “Domain” (or sub-domain) name is the address of the site on the Internet. There are paid and free hosting. “Hosting” is providing a site with an address that works or goes live on the Net. Free hosting provides sub-domain names, like hosting.com/yourdomainname. Paid domain is often better if one wants a good image online, like yourdomain.com.

Being a website builder still learning the basics, it’s advisable to get a free website and hosting first. Learn the basics of web construction and feel free to commit errors. Put in a lot of web contents, especially articles, and see how quality content affects the site’s SEO performance. Make improvements until mastery on how to build a site online is achieved.

When building websites become easy, then it’s time to get a paid hosting. Then create better websites and start selling them. Or begin offering contracts to build simple business, personal, or organizational sites to friends and relatives. Business sites with paid hosting is easier to recall and works best during promotion.

Web Space and Bandwidth
Is the site designed to accommodate huge traffic (or the flow of visitors dropping by the site to take a look)? Then this affects your bandwidth and space allowance. Check if the host (the one providing hosting) has the required capacity. It’s impractical and costly to get a big bandwidth allowance if the site is merely for personal diaries or private viewing. And it’s equally impractical to get cheap hosting that offers small bandwidth if the site is for a government agency or popular computer game site frequented by guests.

Fill it With Quality Content
According to its purpose, fill the site with quality content. Don’t fill it with “quality articles” if it’s a computer game site. And don’t fill it with game widgets and apps and graphics if it’s a government agency site. The important thing is to make sure it is updated with the latest content, according to its type, design, and purpose.

Promote it
Website building and development is also through promoting it. Aside from search engine optimization, promote the website to family and friends, online or offline. Make sure the URL address is displayed on business cards, tarpaulin displays, posters, and letterheads.

Bob is a free lancer writer of http://www.iqio.org/ and he is expert in designing all types of websites.
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