Creative Storage Ideas for a Tidier Looking Home

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Everyone seems to complain about the lack of space at home, but people keep buying and buying new items like crazy. At some point all the stuff you have won’t fit in the places where they can stay hidden from the eye, creating the illusion of a clutter-free house, and they will end up on display. You’re going to have to camouflage this clutter once again, but the space in the shelves, drawers, cabinets is already taken. If you get creative, you’ll find a way to transform the piles of randomly stacked belongings into ones that actually look good in the place they are stored. A little help and some hints will also come in handy serving as an incentive to your imagination. You have to agree that too much items on display around the house don’t make a good impression and give the feeling of disorder and disorientation, especially when they don’t seem to be put together with some kind of a vision in mind.

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Shelving Storage
If you live in a small place, saving space is of major importance. Imagine a situation where you’re moving into an unfurnished flat. What you can consider is optimization of the space. You should have noticed that normal furniture is not designed to be very tall reaching up to the ceiling because an average person can’t reach that high. So, instead of your shelving space to be spread horizontally against the wall, it can be positioned vertically using high and narrow shelves instead of lower and wider ones. Thus you’ll save lots of floor space. For this, however, you may have to order custom-made shelves. Some of them can be closed, others opened. It’s all up to you since they will be customized.

But what to do with the highest shelves that you won’t be able to reach without additional help? Here’s the creative part, so sharpen your creativity senses. Your shelving construction has to look kind of like stairs. The down-most shelf is actually a drawer on floor level and has to be the longest; the second one above it should be slightly shorter; the third shelf/drawer goes even shorter. You get the picture. Once you have enough steps, a.k.a. shelves/drawers, to reach the last compartment, that is also going to be the highest one, the rest of the shelves/drawers up to the ceiling should be the same size. Voila, there you have it. A shelving storage that will guarantee you a lot of saved space.

Steps or Drawers?
This next idea kind of resembles the previous one. This time you’ll be transforming stairs into drawers. If you happen to live in a two-storey house, you certainly have stairs. They can be utilized in a better way – by becoming perfectly usable drawers where you can store whatever you want. Another plus is that you’ll already use the space you had all this time but stayed empty. This will work with stairs made from wood, just to be clear. The hollow spaces under the steps can become a convenient storage place.

Also, the space under the stairs, the one that has kind of a triangular shape can be transformed into long pull-out drawers with shelves in them, the first one (that is also closer to the beginning of the staircase) being the shortest and the last one (where the staircase reaches its highest point) being the tallest. These huge drawers will be vertically positioned next to each other, not horizontally on top of one another. The tallest drawer at the back will have the most shelves. In order to understand the idea better consider the following example: if you open one drawer and move back facing the staircase, what you’ll see in front of you are shelves. By having such extra storage space, you can once again hide what you don’t want to be seen.
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