10 Best Gadgets for Your House

Here is a list of ten great gadgets that you can use around your house. Gadgets are often a luxury that is overlooked when funds get a little bit tight. However, if you consider the fact that you are going to play with your new gadget for months on end, then is not it good value for money? The list is in no particular order. Most of them are restrictively expensive to buy in the shops or online, but if you have a little bit of spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to try a few of these gadgets.

1 - The RIMA lamp
This is a lamp that has four control rings. This may not sound like a big deal but they do not simply control the level of light. They also control the heat that the lamp gives off. They control the beam intensity. They control the color of the light and its beam angle/direction. 
2 - Electrolux Fireplace
This is actually a tube that you can place somewhere safe in your house. When you turn it on the opaque tube disappears and a flame can be seen in the glass tube. The effect is quite magical as a seemingly useless white tube turns into a heat-producing piece of wonderful decoration. 
3 - Senzo Nightlight
This lamp will light up when you touch it. It was created for people who are too lazy to find the light switch, but can be useful for people who have to wake in the dark night, who are going to (naturally) have trouble finding a light switch. 
4 - Self-sterilization System Door Handle
This is more a gadget for the germ-a-phobe, because we all need a fair amount of germs in our system in order to maintain a healthy immune system. As the name suggests, this gadget will sterilize itself after being used. Ironically if you were to buy a solid silver door handle and polish off the tarnish every few days, it would do the same thing. If however you are looking for a plausible reason to buy this gadget, there are a few. People with HIV, pneumonia and other serious illnesses are very vulnerable when it comes to germs, so they will benefit greatly from this system. It is also good for if you have visitors who have skin conditions or other serious illnesses. It may be better for all the family if the door handles were self-sterilizing, because our hands often find their way into our mouths or eyes, and few of us will think to wash our hands after touching a door handle.

5 - Transparent TV
This is a great little invention. It is similar to the mobile devices that have a transparent screen. The transparency does not affect the usability of the device, but is great for impressing your friends and it looks really good when it is turned off. It uses TOLED display technology to create the see-through effect. The images are solid and moving pictures and the colors still range all the way from perfect white to pitch black.

6 - Pouring Light Lamp
This is a fun little lamp that has LED lights inside a bucket. This means that when you put water in the bucket it appears to have a certain phosphorescence. It also looks very pretty when you pour out the water, because the light travels through the water throughout the pour, even if you pour at a steep angle.

7 - Sony Eclipse
This is a media player that has solar panels on the back. This means that if you position it next to a window in your house that you will get music without having to pay for its power. The battery low light will rarely be seen in your house and you will be able to place the media player in places that do not have sockets, such as in the garden when you are sunbathing or in the shed when you are tinkering. 
8 - Dimensional Wall Panels
These are more commonly known as 3D wall panels. The decorative function of these gadgets is quite exciting, even if the panels play no actual role or function in a room. They are also great for casting shadows in a room and giving a room a more dynamic feel about it.

9 - AURA Lamp
This is a woven lamp that is hand made by the French. It looks fancy and oddly futuristic, but also has the effect of lighting up your room with a strange texture. The texture of the light is why it is called the aura light. It is unlike the effect you may get from other lampshades.

10 - Floor Plan Light switch
This is great for if your house already has a futuristic feel. You can access the LCD screen and turn the lights of your house on and off whenever you please. Just click on the room of your house to turn on the light, and click it again to turn it off. It is great for if your kids need a light on to sleep during the night. You are able to turn off your children’s lights without even being upstairs. 
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