Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow-White Desert Of Argentina

A cursory glance at this snow-white plains have thoughts of snow and cold.
But this first impression is deceptive - the temperature in the Argentine salt desert
Salinas Grandes, on some days reaching 45 degrees Celsius.

Salinas Grandes - located in a tectonic basin at an altitude of 170 m between the ridges of the Sierra Pampa in Argentina.
Salt marsh crossed by highways and railways, at a trip which offers spectacular views of snow-white expanse.
The total area of salt desert Salinas Grandes - about 8500 km2.
Salinas Grandes - a relic of the lake bottom dried out. This lifeless plain is suitable only for the extraction of mineral salts.
On the territory of the borders of the marsh Argentine provinces Salta and Jujuy.
Only occasionally in the desert collects water: flowing from the nearby mountains and the rains come
Because of the incredible heat and frequent winds, water, standing a little calm mirror-like surface, quickly evaporates.
On the territory of saline minerals are mined - there are vast deposits of soda and potash.
Chloride and sulphate of soda, potash and borax crystallized here directly on the hard white crust.It remains only to scrape them.
Also - a snow-white salt desert attracts tourists.
Many curious travelers come here to see the marsh, the third largest in the world.
Travel saline desert - it's quite extreme rest.


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